Lake Panache Campers Association Inc.


Buy-A-Cone Program

In 1997, the Lake Panache Campers Association Inc. launched the Buy-A-Cone Program to raise funds to purchase reflective cones to allow for night landing at our Air Ambulance Emergency Landing Site.  The reflective cones are positioned in a circle around the landing site with three cones positioned in front to guide the pilot onto the landing pad.

LPCA Helipad

The Lake Panache Campers Association Inc. wishes to recognize the following individuals, companies and families that donated over $7,000 to our Buy-A-Cone Program in 1997:

  • Jack and Marg Hamill
  • The Blanchard Family
  • Cook's Yankee Island
  • Carl and Marilyn Nauss
  • R. Burton, J. Erola and A. Prittie
  • C.R. Treasure
  • Crosstown Chev Olds Limited
  • Dinan Insurance
  • Louis and Nancy Dozzi
  • Melinda Dozzi Family
  • Page North Communications Inc.
  • William Sutinen Construction
  • Jim and Di Ressor
  • Unapco Machine Shop
  • Pat Niro, Penage Hotel
  • Brian and Christina Young
  • Wally and Grace Read
  • The Sleaver, Kajganich and Noftall Families
  • The Forbom, Pearson, Wahamaa and Weir Families
  • Romano and Mary Cassio

A permanent plaque, designed by Sudbury Memorial Works, has been installed at the site recognizing the generosity of these donors.