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Fire Regulations

The following information has been provided by the City of Greater Sudbury Fire Services regarding burning within the City of Greater Sudbury:

  1. Burning Permits are required for all open air fires except in
    charcoal or gas barbecue's, hibachi's or similar metal or masonary
    containers while it is being used for the cooking of food for human
  2. Burning permits are available from the Greater Sudbury Fire Station, Van Horne Street, Sudbury at no charge.
  3. Burning Permits are issued for a seven day period.
  4. Burning is allowed only between the hours of 8 P.M. and 8 A.M.
  5. The fire size is limited by the CLASS of permit issued:

    i)    Class "A" permits are for a fire no more than 1 x 1 metre in size and is issued for the burning of small amounts of raked grass, leaves and small amounts of wood (No construction material or garbage is to be burned).

    ii)    Class "B" permits are for a fire no more than 3 x 3 metres in size and must be obtained from the Fire Chief or an Assistant Fire Chief.

    iii)    Class "C" permits are for special burning, which requires an inspection of the burn site before a permit is issued. A written request must be submitted to the City of Greater Sudbury Fire Services, 3400 Hwy. 144, Chelmsford, POM ILO, two weeks in advance before approval is given.
  6. Burning permits are issued to the property owner on which the
    burning will occur.
  7. The fire must always be supervised by an adult and never be left
    unattended until it is fully extinguished.
  8. A water supply must be readily available to extinguish the fire if
  9. Burning during high wind conditions should be avoided to reduce any chance of fire spread.
  10. If there are any complaints about your fire, the fire must be
  11. If the City of Greater Sudbury or the Ministry of Natural Resources
    declare a FIRE BAN or FIRE RESTRICTION, the permit will become void at the time of the declaration.
  12. The Chief Fire Official or his Designate can declare permits void.
  13. Further detailed information may be obtained from the Open Air
    Burning By-Law available from the City Clerk's Office at Tom Davies Square.

Thanks to Norm Buchy, Assistant Fire Chief, City of Greater Sudbury Fire Services, for providing this information. 

Norm can be reached at