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July 25th, 1997, Sudbury Star wrote:

Panache campers repair boat ramp, install helipad


Brian Young knows the value of having an air ambulance landing pad on the shores of Walden's Lake Panache.

Last summer, his father-in-law, Romano Cassio, suffered a heart attack at camp.

An air ambulance was able to land at the private marina and paramedics literally "saved his life" after he "had technically died on the dock," says Brian.

But, not everyone has been so lucky after suffering a sudden illness or injury on the lake, says Young.

The marina isn't an approved landing site and there are many other places where an air ambulance simply can't land in the area.

The Lake Panache Campers' Association Inc. is working to rectify that situation, however, as well as repairing a boat launch and public dock.

The 250-or-so association members have banded together since the Ministry of Natural Resources said last summer it didn't have the money to repair the dock and was planning to remove it.

The association has not only taken over the dock and its repairs, but the boat launch and an ambitious heliport project as well.


QUOTE "From a health point of view it will be wonderful,"
Nancy Dozzi


July 28th, 1997, Sudbury Star editorial wrote:

Association's actions commendable

There are good things happening in the Lake Panache area of Walden. The Lake Panache Campers Association Inc.

is building an air ambulance landing pad on a scenic spot of land overlooking the lake. It's also embarking on repairs to a public boat launch and dock.

The association deserves a round of applause for acting quickly a year ago when the Ministry of Natural Resources said it didn't have the money to fix up its decrepit public dock and was on the verge of removing it.

The association stepped in to ask the MNR's Marvin Smith to hold off while it came up with a plan. The MNR said it would leave the dock if the association was willing to repair and maintain it.

Since then, the association has signed an agreement with the MNR to manage about two acres of Crown Land in the area adjacent to the private marina here.

Along with the dock, it's taken on the responsibility of a public boat launch.

But the biggest and most admirable part of the whole deal had the association deciding to use some of the Crown land it was now managing to build a heliport so that air ambulances, and other helicopters, could land in the event of an emergency.

The association's 250-or-so members have donated about $6,000 to the three projects.

The Town of Walden has contributed about $2,500 for the projects that have a total budget of about $8,500.

In addition, the association is asking 17 long-standing families to donate $410 each to purchase $7,000 worth of night-landing pylons required at the site.

Organizers are hopeful the dock, public boat launch and heliport can be in operation by the end of August.

A heliport is nothing short of a brilliant idea for this part of the region.

Because of Lake Panache's size there have been numerous boating and snowmobile accidents for which an air ambulance landing site would have proved invaluable in the past.

The fact that there will be one there now should also give elderly residents and cottagers a sense of security as they fret over sudden illnesses.

Far from looking after their own interests, the association has taken on the task of helping out its neighbors too.

People who live down Penage Lake Road and as far away as Beaver Lake will be able to make use of the facilities. And for this, we can all thank them.

November 1997, INCO Triangle

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