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LPCA Letter to Ministry of Northern Development and Mines regarding potential mining activity on Lake Panache

LPCA to Mayor Rodriguez regarding Sewer Use By-law (April 2010)



Help Save Canada's Lakes

It's hard to imagine anything people in Canada cherish more than our clean, healthy lakes. So it's inconceivable that our government is allowing freshwater lakes to be senselessly poisoned and the life within them destroyed.

The Federal Fisheries Act currently contains a clause, known as Schedule 2, that permits healthy Canadian lakes to be "reclassified" for industrial use. For years, mining companies operating within Canada have been exploiting this loophole in the Act, which permits our lakes to be used as cheap solutions for dumping toxic waste generated from their operations. Once a healthy freshwater lake is listed under Schedule 2, it's no longer considered a natural body of water, but becomes a “tailings impoundment area.” The lake loses all environmental protection as a fish habitat and becomes a toxic dumpsite

You Helped Save Fish Lake in BC!

There is reason to hope that we can close this loophole for good. On November 2, 2010 the federal government turned down a mining company bid to destroy the beautiful and pristine Fish Lake (also known as Teztan Biny) in British Columbia. Taseko Mines planned to drain Fish Lake and turn it into a dumpsite for their highly toxic waste. This project would have wiped out the fish populations in the lake as well as nearby rivers and streams, permanently poisoned local water supplies, and destroyed the way of life and livelihood of local First Nations.

Thanks to the generous support of members like you, the Council of Canadians has significantly stepped up our campaign against Schedule 2. We joined the struggle of the Tsilhqot'in First Nations and other local residents in working tirelessly to stop this beautiful lake's destruction. Council activists and staff spoke out at public meetings, in the media, at federal review panel hearings, and on September 7, 2010, we delivered more than 15,000 action cards directly to Parliament Hill – sending a strong message that Canadians demand and expect our government to protect our lakes and rivers by closing the Schedule 2 loophole for good.

This is a major victory for all of us who care deeply about our environment and the protection of our freshwater resources.

Your Voice is Needed Again

We must now redouble our efforts. Despite the federal government's ruling on Fish Lake, Schedule 2 still exists and our cherished lakes remain vulnerable. Over a dozen more lakes across Canada are facing destruction and need our powerful collective voice. We must build on the momentum of Fish Lake to close this loophole once and for all! 

Take action now!

Please take a moment now to send an urgent message to Environment Minister John Baird demanding that he close the Schedule 2 loophole for good. Then forward this message to everyone you know who shares your love of Canada's lakes. And if you can, please make a donation to help the Council of Canadians continue taking on Schedule 2 and other critical water issues.